Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Home on Forest Line...

We are building our new home! It is a dream come true for Matt and I, so I thought I would keep a journal of our progress. It will be nice to have a look back on this someday, the journey to our forever home.

 I will start with a little bit of background of how we came to this point. My name is Stacey and Matt and I got married 6 years ago, after dating for 7 years, on February 25th. We have three children Madelyn-4, Meredith -2 and baby Myles who is just four months.
Our first home was in the country on a beautiful 2 acres. The home was small, but full of character. After our second daughter was born, we started to feel cramped in the two bedroom, one floor home, so we went looking. After looking into different properties, we realized that living in the city might be more economical for us. Aftersll, we both worked in the city. We fell in love with a house on Wiltshire, which was actually in the neighbourhood I grew up in.
 After we moved, we quickly realized what we had done, giving up our quiet country home and decided to try to move back. Matt's parents graciously let us sever part of their farmland so that we could build our new home.
 So this is where we are. Things are definitely going to be crazy around here the next few months! Here's hoping we make it through this alive and intact!