Monday, 25 June 2012

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

Things with the house have kinda come to a standstill right now, which is why I haven't updated anything.  We are waiting on a survey being done on the land in order to transfer it into Matt's name.  Hopefully it will be all completed this week and then it is all systems go on starting the build!

We have sold our current house tho!  Less than 12 hours!  We could hardly believe it.  Matt's mom came and picked up Madelyn and Meredith for the day, so we could clean the house and get it ready.  Our agent called us to tell us that someone wanted to come thru, so we hurried and rushed and got everything done in just in time!  I mean, literally, I came home from Canadian Tire with a plant for the front hall just before Rob, our agent, came over.  Matt, Myles and I headed out to look at flooring for the new house and when we were finished came home to find two strange vehicles in our driveway.  We went to a nearby parking lot and called Rob, who told us they were getting together an offer for us!  We were so excited and hopeful and when we got the offer, it was a cash offer for the full asking amount, no conditions and only wanted our appliances, which we wanted to get rid of anyway!  It honestly, could not have gone any better for us!  The only downside, if you will, is that we have to be out by August 9th, and there is no way our new house will be ready by then.  My parents, however, have graciously said we can stay with them.

Here are some photos of the home we just sold.  Even though we were only here for a short time, we had some good memories!  Plus, it is the only home that Myles has ever known!

The backyard view

Madelyn and Meredith's very pink room!

Kitchen and Dining area.....the reason we fell in love with this place!

TV Room

The front view

I really love the layout of this home.

Matt's space in the basement.  I think he wishes he spent more time down here!