Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cleaning and Organizing...Shiny

Yesterday I cleaned out our basement bathroom.  I know, we just moved in, how dirty could it be?  Especially since we haven't really used it.  It was so gross, there was regular mud and dirt and drywall mud all in the shower.  Not really sure how that happens in an enclosed shower, but it was there.  And now it is all clean and looking pretty.  Not as pretty as my upstairs bathroom, but nice.  I need to put some pictures or decor of some sort...feel free to leave me some ideas!!

The finished look!

We still need a mirror, but I LOVE these cabinets!  Very rustic without being too country.

Shiny shower

I want some pretty stuff for these shelves, instead of toilet paper.

I think these pictures of my kids are perfect for this bathroom

Sign my aunt gave me

Of course, while I spent my time cleaning the bathroom, this is what my little girls were up to.  This will be today's project!