Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year. New Home, New Blog.

I have done a horrible job of updating the blog. I know.  I am going to blame it on the fact that I have three kids.  I don't often use them as a scapegoat, but today I am going to.  It was them, and the fact we were living in my parents basement and my computer time was scarce.  So, new year, new home, new blog.  One of my resolutions this year will be to blog at least once per week.   I should be able to keep up with that.  What am I going to blog about?  Well, mostly my kids, I am sure.  How we are turning our new house into a home.  Plus, I am trying to be a better me, so I will want to write about that too.
Here is my New Year Resolution List.....I never do resolutions, but here we go!

1) Write in my blog once a week

2) Be more present and more intentional in my children's lives

3) Simplify our lives by getting rid of clutter and reducing our waste and eating more naturally

4) Become a better wife and mother by keeping a better home clean, focusing on my family and feeding them right

5)  Do some DIY projects

6) Be nicer.  I am a fairly nice person, but I can be nicer.  Compliment more, be more genuine and less judge, stop gossiping, random acts of kindness.  I think I will do one kind thing a day.  Set a reminder on my phone so I actually do it.

7) Make this house into our home.  We will be here forever.  We have put our bodies here, now I want to put our hearts here

8)  Read more.  The most exciting thing about going back to work in February is that I get two half hour breaks a day, where I can sit uninterrupted (usually) and just read

9)  Plant a vegetable garden.  The girls want to do this.  It will get us outside.  It will be beneficial to us all (except Matt who only eats corn)

10)  Be happy.  I believe happiness is a choice and I am choosing to be happy.  Meredith does this sometimes.  She will be crying and then all of a sudden will stop and look at me and say I'm happy now.  Just like that.  It is that simple.

10 goals for 2013.  I think I can do that!  What about you?