Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Playroom

I already know I am going to have a love/hate relationship with this room. Love having a place to store the toys and play with the toys, a room just for the kids! Hate because I know the room will ALWAYS be messy and the toys will not just magically stay in this room. In fact, five minutes after the girls came home today, toys were already being scattered about.

Right Now, this room is under utilized, as the girls don't like being downstairs by themselves, and I am always finding things I need to do upstairs. One day, the kids will be down here all the time and will probably not want us around!

The adjoining tv room us a favourite place, but again very under used. Matt usually makes it down here at nighttime, he and Myles fall asleep in the couch together. But by the time the kids are all in bed, I am ready for bed myself. I did get to enjoy some wine, cake and Les Miz here not too long ago! It was awesome.