Monday, 29 April 2013


My first baby just celebrated her fifth birthday. I don't know how this happened so fast! I swear it was last week she was tearing her way into this world. How I loved that baby! That first night was just her and I, and it hurt too much to get out of bed and nurses were scarce, I just held her and nursed her all night. I was exhausted, but so happy.

A few days after her birth, I looked at that little face and knew that she was the reason I was put on this earth. God gave Madelyn to me.  My purpose in life, is to be her mom.  She is going to be someone great and I need to bring out her full potential.

My daughter is so funny. Last night telling knock, knock jokes and she had her Dad and I cracking up! Her favourite joke right now "why is six afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine!" I love that sweet giggle and smile!

She started junior kindergarten this year, and I just love all the learning she is doing! To see her blossom this year and how her artwork has come along is just amazing!
She LOVES chocolate.  Seriously, this girl would eat it everyday.  All day, if I let her:)  And she enjoys it while she eats.  Eyes closed savouring the moment.  She is very good at eating fruits and vegetables too, so I let the chocolate love slide a bit.  I remember when we moved into our house on Wiltshire and ordered a pizza, she wanted to have peas and corn instead.  Still doesn't like pizza all too much.

I also love watching her with her younger sister and brother. Meredith is her best friend and her worst enemy all in the same hour! And although Myles annoys her, she loves him and loves having him around. And he sure loves her too!

This little girl has taught me so much about love and patience and I still have so much to learn! I am looking forward to the rest of this journey.

She is so beautiful!  Big blue eyes and curly, wild sandy brown hair.  She loves to wear dresses...even if she is just going out to dig in the dirt.  Must be her strong farm roots!

Five years! I just can't get over it.  If time isn't going to slow down for me, I am going to have to spend more time making sure memories are happy, and experiences are great!