Friday, 19 April 2013

Our first Family Home Evening

I have been on a bit of a spiritual quest lately ( the better part of a year ). I was baptized Anglican, brought up in the Catholic school system, found a place for me in my local Anglican Church youth group in high school. My family never went to church, but I would go, but I am not one for sitting by myself. Thankfully, I had a good friend who sat with me instead of his family. I even "taught" Sunday school ( ages 2-4). I have a relationship with God, but am looking for ways to strengthen that and also make sure my children know God. There have also been issues at my church that have led me to question things.

One religion that has been fascinating me is the Church of Latter Day Saints. Yes, Mormons. I know a lot of people will be rolling their eyes, but I have been talking with folks and reading some blogs and doing general research on their beliefs. I have lots to learn, and will continue to research and ask questions.

One aspect of the LDS faith that I love is the focus and emphasis on family. They encourage Family Home Evening where families make an effort to connect and study scripture together and, basically, enjoy each other. No matter the outcome of my spiritual quest, I live this idea.

We started this tonight. I knew I had a Children's Bible in a box for a future gift, so I dug it out and we began at the beginning. Only Madelyn was really interested, the other two had trouble sitting still. It didn't go exactly as envisioned, but Madelyn and I were able to have a conversation and it sparked her curiosity as she asked for another story. We also didn't have a planned activity, but we had fun running around and doing some trust exercises....we apparently need to learn to trust each other more, lol. We will definitely do this again, but with more thought I my part ahead of time.