Thursday, 13 June 2013

Field Trip

Last Thursday, Madelyn had a field trip to Greenview Aviaries and Zoo.  I was so thankful when we got the notice home that the trip was scheduled on a Thursday since I don't work on Thursdays.  She was excited to have me along.

For such a small place, I cannot believe how many animals there were!  Tigers and Lions and Bears, OH MY!  Seriously, though, very impressive for the size of the place.

There was a huge play equipment area that Madelyn loved playing on, a splash pad (which was too cold to use on this particular day, but we are looking forward to going back!) and a zip line!  Madelyn didn't want to attempt, but that was fine with me!  And, of course, the animals!!  Here are just a few of our favs:

This is Carl the Tiger
You can buy buckets of food to feed the animals.  The girls loved to feed the deer, monkeys and lemurs the best.

Madelyn apparently can speak Peacock, they answered her as she called out and they all spread their fans for  her as we walked by.

My favourite, the baby snow monkey and his mom.  The baby fell of this gate and made a little cry and the mom came running over and scooped him up and ran away with him.  It was so sweet!

We mostly explored with one of her friends and her mom and then split off after lunch.  It was so cold, and they had a snack bar, so I decided to get us a hot lunch instead of eating the cold lunch we packed. Madelyn said it was the best hot dog ever, lol, I think she was just hungry.

While on the bus I talked with another mom who told me that her daughter, Kaleigh, had been asking to have Madelyn come over for a playdate, but she didn't know how to get in touch.   We exchanged information, which is so great!  I was worried about how Madelyn had been interacting socially at school, since she can be a little shy, so this makes me feel better knowing that she does have at least one friend.  

All in all, good field trip!  Madelyn has another one in a couple of weeks at a local pool, which I cannot go to since I work.  Can't wait to see what is in store for next year!  

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